Andrea Arena, Founder
Andrea Arena, Founder

High Growth Companies Trend Toward Improving Business Culture

Balancing work and life is one of the hottest issues of our time. Of course, increasing work demands is a primary factor. With recent downsizing, employees often take on the tasks of two or three people. Working 50-60 hours per week doesn't leave much time to take care of responsibilities at home, which increases stress, and leaves little or no time to enjoy family and hobbies. Proven results are influencing today's corporations to trend toward providing more corporate perks and work-family integration programs to improve productivity, increase morale and ultimately aid employee retention and attraction. This better business culture is especially essential to Millennials. And for corporations, it has been proven to add to the bottom line.

Our Track Record Sets You Up For Success

Our Founder, Andrea Arena, started her first corporate-sponsored concierge company in 1991. Her company accomplished Inc. 500 status two years in a row and this wealth of knowledge and commitment to work-life integration place TimeSquared at the forefront of today’s corporate concierge industry. TimeSquared is the leading concierge company for the technology industry. Other enterprise experience spans insurance, legal, accounting, banking, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, retail, advertising, healthcare, bio-tech, defense and much more. In 24 years, one philosophy hasn’t changed — superior service and exceptional technology combine to pattern the best foundation for success.

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High Touch and High Tech Set Us Apart

Many concierge companies only focus on call center-based services. TimeSquared expands on these core benefits, but additionally hits the ground running with the highest percentage of errand-running requests in the industry. That is what clients regularly report as the most valuable service. Companies need an extra pair of feet on the move to take care of time consuming and necessary running around so employees can focus on higher-value activities. Learn more >

In addition to being committed to high-touch service, TimeSquared has built the best technology in the industry. TimeSquared has listened to technology requests from clients over the years and responded with TimeLab, proprietary technology that provides clients access to concierge and errand requests from any device 24/7. Entering requests is easy. And TimeLab sports a status update feature, which enables clients to stay currrent on the progress of requests. TimeLab also offers chat along with extensive personal profiling and rich analytics for record keeping. This state-of-the-art technology solution keeps the process smooth and clients in the know. See how it works >

Work-life balance tops respondents’ definition of career success, ahead of money, recognition and autonomy.

TimeSquared Searches the 4Corners for the Best People

Outstanding business relationships contribute to best business practices. TimeSquared goes to great lengths to hire the most qualified and personable team members to ensure clients are happy, and business relationships remain strong for years to come.

Every addition to the team is vetted and has experience in the hospitality and service industries. Employees are of the highest caliber and are selected based on work experience in service industries, educational level and knowledge of the geographic area of service. In addition, each candidate undergoes a thorough background/security check and personality assessment to make sure they are the perfect fit for the position.

New additions to the team go through extensive training before being put into the field to ensure they know their responsibilities. TimeSquared knows five-star service is what it takes, and the TimeSquared team is committed to making clients’ days happier 24/7. Learn more >

At 53.5 million and growing, Millennials make up the largest share of the US workforce as of Q1 2015. What is important to them in the workplace?